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April 12, 2008


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ACEOs closed! - 1,000 watchers Ô__Ô

Sat Apr 12, 2008, 9:05 AM
Over 97,400 pageviews and 1,000 watchers on 01/31/2008

ACEOs closed!

So guys! Thanks for all who asked me for a request :) Here's the actuell list with all the To-Do's! Please, don't ask me anymore for requests, you had the chance ^^; I want to make my own things this year anywhen too, you know? :aww: Again, thanks for all the wishes! I'll do my best now! Please give me some time and watch for your number. If your card is ready I'll send you a guestbook-entry. :w00t:

:pokeball:ACEO-CARD TO-DO-LIST:pokeball:
:star: = 100% = ready
:painter: = 0% = to do
:new: = new coming (7 days)

Status: 8/64 :star:, 56/64 :painter:, 0/64 :new:

001. ACEO-card: Himitsu no Mahou for AimaiLeafy:iconaimaileafy: :star:
002. ACEO-card: Ash, Misty and Pikachu for JunAkera:iconjunakera: :star:
003. ACEO-card: Ash and Pikachu for Ash-Misty-Pikachu:iconash-misty-pikachu: :star:
004. ACEO-card: Meowth for Gwizdo:icongwizdo: :star:
005. ACEO-card: Misty and Espeon (Psiana) for Misuzu-Gao:iconmisuzu-gao: :star:
006. ACEO-card: Misty in zat dress (Goldini) for latias2:iconlatias2: :star:
007. ACEO-card: Ash and Misty for Yu-giMoto:iconyu-gimoto: :star:
008. ACEO-card: Ash, Misty and Pikachu for AshKetchum258:iconashketchum258: :star:
009. ACEO-card: Ash, Misty and their baby jawmax:iconjawmax: :star:
010. ACEO-card: May and Misty for Alimoey:iconalimoey: :star:
011. ACEO-card: Ash, Misty and Pikachu for JessieSilver:iconjessiesilver: :painter:
012. ACEO-card: Gary und Green (Himi) for AimaiLeafy:iconaimaileafy: :painter:
013. ACEO-card: Misty and Pikachu cuddling for JunAkera:iconjunakera: :painter:
014. ACEO-card: Misty and Squirtle for BklynSharkExpert:iconbklynsharkexpert: :painter:
015. ACEO-card: Ho-Oh for ShadowYin-Yang:iconshadowyin-yang: :painter:
016. ACEO-card: Ash, Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbaseur and Squirtle for ZachTheWolf:iconzachthewolf: :painter:
017. ACEO-card: Misty, Green and Togepi for Sailor-Misty:iconsailor-misty: :painter:
018. ACEO-card: Ash, Misty and Psyduck for MajinLu:iconmajinlu: :painter:
019. ACEO-card: Tracey sketching with Pidgey (Taubsi) on his side for caat:iconcaat: :painter:
020. ACEO-card: Ash and Misty intim for OORR:iconoorr: :painter:
021. ACEO-card: Umbreon (Nachtara) and Vaporeon (Aquana) for Tikalie-Wolf:icontikalie-wolf: :painter:
022. ACEO-card: Pichu and Ash's son for ky-nim:iconky-nim: :painter:
023. ACEO-card: Red and Kasumi for Hopeless-Johan:iconhopeless-johan: :painter:
024. ACEO-card: Misty in mermaid costume cuddling Jurob for Tsu-jewellery-maker:icontsu-jewellery-maker: :painter:
025. ACEO-card: Poké- and Contestshipping for ashmaydrew13:iconashmaydrew13: :painter:
026. ACEO-card: Misty and Ash in wedding apparel for diamond-in-the-ruff:icondiamond-in-the-ruff: :painter:
027. ACEO-card: Jigglypuff and Dito for marymc:iconmarymc: :painter:
028. ACEO-card: Ash and Misty self-cosplay-picture as FanArt for moonymonster:iconmoonymonster: :painter:
029. ACEO-card: Misty and Chikorita (Endivie) for electricmouse4ever:iconelectricmouse4ever: :painter:
030. ACEO-card: Ash and Misty kiss while Drew and May watch them with blushing for Mia-la-eriza :painter:
031. ACEO-card: May and Drew with Espeon (Psiana) and  Umbreon (Nachtara) for Kimie_Yashi :painter:
032. ACEO-card: Ash and Misty for Ash-Misty-Pikachu:iconash-misty-pikachu: :painter:
033. ACEO-card: Misty in Hoenn-Outfit with Togepi and ash in Sinnoh-Outfit with Pikachu in background for MistyandAsh:iconmistyandash: :painter:
034. ACEO-card: Misty and Max for MuyokoIchigo:iconmuyokoichigo: :painter:
035. ACEO-card: Erika and Ivysaur (Bisaknosp) for EraPsycho:iconerapsycho: :painter:
036. ACEO-card: Ash and Misty kissing with Pika in the way for DarkestLily:icondarkestlily: :painter:
037. ACEO-card: Misty, May and Dawn for sassypartier14:iconsassypartier14: :painter:
038. ACEO-card: Umbreon (Nachtara) and Glaceon… for WolftenDragon:iconwolftendragon: :painter:
039. ACEO-card: Misty in mermaid-look with Ash watching her for dreams-celestial:icondreams-celestial: :painter:
040. ACEO-card: 2 Pichus playing for SaveKenny:iconsavekenny: :painter:
041. ACEO-card: Ash and Misty for AAMLLover:iconaamllover: :painter:
042. ACEO-card: Ash sad and Misty comforting him for chickloveslotr :painter:
043. ACEO-card: Ash (spare chest ("oben ohne")) and Misty (open-haired) after Wedding in her sweety night for Fleur-Noir:iconfleur-noir: :painter:
044. ACEO-card: Ash and Charizard (Glurak) for BeckyxThexWolf:iconbeckyxthexwolf: :painter:
045. ACEO-card: Misty on the moon with signature "for Warmness" for JammyJammy:iconjammyjammy: :painter:
046. ACEO-card: Ash and Misty looking for some luvdiscs (Liebiskus) having some pictures with Ash "I love you, Misty" and Misty "I love you, Ash" for Yomix2:iconyomix2: :painter:
047. ACEO-card: Ash, Misty and Gary: Ash and Gary kissing Misty on her cheek, while both boys holding hands and Misty touches their cheeks softly (empty eyes!) for Yamis-Lady:iconyamis-lady: :painter:
048. ACEO-card: Misty, May and Dawn for Nenilein:iconnenilein: :painter:
049. ACEO-card: Leafeon and Glaceon… eeveeworld911:iconeeveeworld911: :painter:
050. ACEO-card: Ikarishipping and Scyther (Sichlor) in BG for number1812:iconnumber1812: :painter:
051. ACEO-card: Ash with Pika and Misty with Toge for gabriel199252:icongabriel199252: :painter:
052. ACEO-card: Ashley for Ayanako:iconayanako: :painter:
053. ACEO-card: Dawn and her Plinfa for Kaito_Jeanne :painter:
054. ACEO-card: Ash and Misty swimming naked without showing the private zones for johnnyd2:iconjohnnyd2: :painter:
055. ACEO-card: Ash and Misty kissing under the fullmoon standing at a lake for CanadianGuyeh:iconcanadianguyeh: :painter:
056. ACEO-card: Paul and Dawn playing karaoke like a duel for MissKawaii:iconmisskawaii: :painter:
057. ACEO-card: Misty dresses up Ashley for PrincessJessica:iconprincessjessica: :painter:
058. ACEO-card: Ash and Misty with Jolteon (?) and Vaporeon (Aquana) for swack16:iconswack16: :painter:
059. ACEO-card: Miya, blowing out the candles with ash and Misty on each side and a gift table with a ninetales egg and a drawing pad; birthday-ACEO for iDreamer4u:iconidreamer4u: :painter:
060. ACEO-card: Ash (Kanto mit Cappy und Weste) and Misty (Hoso) walking along a lake while they're looking sad and depressed cause they're talking about something worse for Neomae:iconneomae: :painter:
061. ACEO-card: Misty for olusia55:iconolusia55: :painter:
062. ACEO-card: Dawn sitting in front of a fountain (Brunnen) with a strange and sorrowful face in a sweet dress for SternchenNoa:iconsternchennoa: :painter:
063. ACEO-card: Articuno (Arktos) for Keroude:iconkeroude: :painter:


1. Collab with Sailor-Misty I make her some Outlines and she wants to color. I'll make her a colo too. :wave:
2. Collab with TwilightWish She wants some Outlines by me and will color it with PC :boogie:
3. Collab with diamond-in-the-ruff He wants some Outlines by me and will color it with PC :dance:
If you want to make a colo of my outlines, please send me a note or write in my guestbook. I'm always glad to hear this :thanks: But please think of that I CAN'T do collabs (Sailor-Misty is one of my best friend that's why I said yes...).


At last:

Thanks so much for 1,000 watchers!!! :wow: You're amazing!

Pokeshippers :iconpokeshippers:
AaMl-Club :iconaaml-club:
PKMNComicClub :iconpkmncomicclub:
AshxMisty-club :iconashxmisty-club:
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