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Ask-the-FAITH-Characters To-Do-list

001 - Pikachu [12|02|2012]
002 - Pikachu [12|02|2012]
003 - Ash [12|02|2012]
004 - Gary [12|02|2012]
005 - Misty [12|02|2012]
006 - Ash [12|02|2012]
007 - Gary [12|02|2012]
008 - Misty [12|02|2012]
009 - Kasu [12|02|2012]
010 - Ash [12|02|2012]
011 - Gary [12|02|2012]
012 - Gary [12|02|2012]
013 - Ash [12|03|2012]
014 - Ash [12|03|2012]
015 - Daisy [12|04|2012]
016 - Delia [12|05|2012]
017 - Misty [12|06|2012]
018 - Misty [04|07|2013]
019 - Misty [04|13|2013]
020 - Ash [04|14|2013]
021 - May [04|18|2013]
022 - Gary [04|20|2013]
023 - Gary [06|29|2013]
024 - Misty [06|29|2013]
025 - Ash, Gary, Misty [11|30|2013]
026 - Ash, Gary, Misty [12|01|2013]
027 - Misty [12|01|2013]
028 - Misty [12|01|2013]
029 - Misty [12|02|2013]
030 - Pikachu
031 - Team Rocket
032 - Dawn
033 - Dawn and May
034 - Team Rocket
035 - Pikachu
036 - Misty
037 - Team Rocket
038 - Gary
039 - Misty
040 - Ash
041 - Pikachu
042 - Pikachu
043 - Misty
044 - Ash
045 - Kasu, Caterpie
046 - Gary
047 - Ash, Pikachu, Gary
048 - Misty
049 - Ash, Misty
050 - Ash
051 - Misty
052 - Misty
053 - Misty, Pikachu, Gary
054 - Gary, Ash, Misty
055 - May, Drew
056 - Ash, Misty
057 - Gary
058 - Ash
059 - Gary
060 - Drew
061 - Ash, Misty, Gary
062 - Gary
063 - Pikachu
064 - James
065 - Misty
066 - May, Dawn
067 - Ash
068 - Ash, Misty
069 - Pikachu
070 - Ash, Misty
071 - Ash, Misty
072 - Ash
073 - ?
074 - Misty
075 - Misty
076 - Ash, Misty, Gary, Pikachu
077 - Kasu
078 - Ash
079 - Pikachu
080 - Misty, Ash
081 - Kasu
082 - Misty
083 - Misty, Ash
084 - Ash
085 - Misty
086 - Ash
087 - Ash
088 - Delia
089 - Misty
090 - Misty
091 - Daisy
092 - Misty
093 - Misty
094 - Misty
095 - Ash
096 - Ash
097 - Ash and Misty
098 - Delia
099 - Misty
100 - Misty
101 - Misty
102 - Misty
103 - Misty
104 - Misty
105 - Misty
106 - Ash and Misty
107 - Brock
108 - Misty
109 - Daisy

Original website: Ask the FAITH Characters on Tumblr

Ask the characters of FAITH everything you want! No bashing, no flaming, no spamming ♥
Link is closed until the first 109 questions got answered. Thanks.

Rescue News - Fanfic AND Douji - Trigger Warning

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 21, 2014, 6:13 AM
Banner made by AimaiLeafy
No Requests by SweetDukeNo Trades by SweetDukeNo Commissions by SweetDuke
Stamps done by (c) SweetDuke

Hi everybody! :wave:

:please: I'm very, very sorry for the confusion about "Rescue - Revenge on Ash" on deviantART. While I was planning the Doujinshi-version, nacrate on Tumblr surprisingly asked me, if she's allowed to translate the German original Fanfiction into English at least. She is 15!! And is so much better in English than me. :wow: Of course, here and there are some mistakes, but thanks to CartoonWatcher1234 these mistakes will get some betareading soon, so it's better for you people to understand in your native language. I'm so thankful to both of them! You're amazing.
That's why there are two folders now in my gallery. The one with the old cover is the one for the FanFiction and the one with the new cover for the later up-coming Doujinshi-version. Since I'm still working on "Returning", which slowly finds its end, I haven't done something yet for it. But it will start soon, that's my personal goal I'm aiming to.

Rescue - RoA - Prologue English Version
She wouldn’t be able to take the tension between herself and the 15-year-old black-haired boy much longer. Since they had separated from their best buddy – his name was Brock – he hadn’t talked to the redhead at all. So it was totally justified for her to start feeling insecure and ask questions, wasn’t, it? Though she hesitated first, she built up enough courage to catch up with him. Due to her insecurity and because he mustn’t notice it – EVER – she rather sneaked than walked behind him. That was about to change.
„Ash, what’s the matter with you? Since you’ve told Brock and me that you have to go to Pallet Town, you haven’t spoken a single word to me and even to him, you just said ‘Well, take care, Brock. I’m sure we’ll meet again soon.’ And then you just turned around! What to you think he’s thinking of his best friend of 5 years now, huh?“
It just didn’t work. Her words
 to the Prologue of the Fanfcition

:eager: Now, that the Fanfcition finds its way to an English-version in the end, you can decide yourself, if the Doujinshi will be something interesting for you or if it is too shippy. As I warned you, the Prologue and Chapter 1 & 2 are Pokeshipping only (plus a little bit Team Rocket badass-ness ♥). In Chapter 3 begins the main part of "Rescue" and I really hope you'll like it.
In the Fanfic-version Ash and Misty get really close fast in their relationship, but since I'm a horrable writer, I'm pretty sure in the Doujinshi-version it won't come out that ooc-ish. In the year 2000 I had the headcanon, if Pikachu and the others weren't away for only one day, like in the story itself, Ash and Misty would get very close to each other without even realizing it. That's the reason why the sentence "This escalated quickly!" fits perfectly here. XD

:police: Now there comes a TRIGGER WARNING!!! FOR CHAPTER 4 ONLY:
In Chapter 4 there will be some things being a bit of Mature Content!! and when I'm saying "Mature Content" I'm talking about Violence! These scenes are the only ones I'll change in the Doujinshi-version!, since they're kind of hard... I only wanted to say be careful by reading it and don't take it too serious! There are not many, but they are in the story! I'm old enough that it's harmless to me (I was 16 when writing this chapter), but I can imagine for younger users it may become a problem and I don't want that!
But this chapter will be the only one that will be changed in some way in the Doujinshi-version. Everything else will be 1:1 as it is discribed in the Fanfiction.

OK, that's all so far.
I really hope you'll enjoy the story and will have much fun with it. I'm thankful for every respond/feedback and any critique. Thanks again so much to nacrate and CartoonWatcher1234 and of course, I want to thank again the deviantART-members who once tried to translate it. It was an awesome project anyway. Thank you very, very much! ♥ Without you this won't be possible. ♥

Miya :la:


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i have a question for ash
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ko-yuki-chan Apr 14, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Hey, I found some doujinshi about AAML in serebii, maybe you might notice them, they're in japanese but I'm translating them in French at the moment... nobody near me likes AAML so I came to inform you :) if you want them I can send them to you (JP) I wished my english wouldn't be so bad, I could translate them in English but... >w<
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